Drone for Insurance

Drone for Insurance

Insurance companies have found drones very useful for real time data capture which they experiment and found drone useful to adjusting property claims. Insurance companies are more consigned about their client’s properties but in some cases where some details cannot be fetched easily, drones are deployed to gather information concerning the area or place. Let’s take a building as an example. A building which is insured can be assessed using drone.

This process of assessment can be done by capturing many aerial images of the building and the 3D map using the captured aerial images. The 3D image produced after image procession will give the insurance company the full view of their clients building which could be stored in their data base. And reference can be made at any time for this data. Drone can also play an important role on checking on damaged insured properties. Giving them first-hand quality information which can be in form of a map produced after property assessment using drone and through the information. Drones can be used to gather data before risk is insured.

Benefits of drone in insurance

  • Faster and Better Transaction Processing: Instead of using the traditional method of inspection, drones can be used to get the information you need 10 times faster. Employees shouldn’t be put at risk when inspection takes place at the construction site and other hazardous places. It provides better assessment processes at a short time, reducing the energy and risk involved in sending workers to the site or insured places. 
  • Cost Reduction and High Efficiency: Not only that drones make work faster, it also helps in the reduction of cost, providing the company with more efficient and reliable service. In the oil industry, drone have been proven to be 85% faster and cheaper than the traditional method of inspection lead by humans. A drone can investigate pipeline of up to 50 miles per day just like using helicopters and yet using drones will cost you less.
  • Improved Employees Safety: Drones can access dangerous areas during inspections. Area where it is difficult for the employee to carry out his normal operation can be done using drone. This reduces the risk involved in inspection process in the insurance company. There are many other benefits of using drones in the insurance industry and many insurance companies around the world has gained a lot from it. But looking at the disadvantages, there are somethings that might hinder the smooth running of the use of drone in the insurance sector.

Insurance companies in Nigeria can consult Geospatial Research Limited, a leading Drone Services, Land Surveying and GIS Consultancy Company to inspect insured areas and properties and also production of maps and 3D maps of places insured by the insurance company.

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