Drone in Real Estate Business

Drone in Real Estate Business

Drone in Real Estate Business : Drone is one of the modern technology adopted in real estate business for aerial photography and mapping which provides a unique photo and video of properties at different angles which is where Geospatial Research Limited comes in with experts and qualified professional in drone piloting and processing of photogrammetric image. According to Kayode Omolaye, CEO, Geospatial Research Limited, a lot of information and analysis can be carried out with a single photo since our generation consume a lot of information via photographic by showing a sweep view of properties. This gives an informed view of the properties and the immediate environment before purchase.  

Real estate marketing has enable client to sit at the comfort of the home to see the properties they intend purchasing or renting leveraging on drone photos and internet for their decisions. According to the Wall Street Journal, people looking for new property spend roughly 60% of their time on a realtor’s images and videos. Motor rotor drone are mostly used in real estate for still photos, 4k videos, maps images and 360 degree panoramas.

            Things to consider in using a drone for real estate.

When engaging a drone pilot for the aerial photography or videography of your estate, you must look out for the following

  • Ensure you familiarise with regulation with use of drone in your country which varies from country to country. In Nigeria, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority regulated the operation of drone in Nigeria Airspace.
  • Ensure the drone pilot is a licensed to carry out the operation
  • Ensure that drones are insured
  • Due to the less flight time of most civilian drones, extra battery is required to carry out the some certain task, under wise, one battery will be sufficient for most properties photography or videography.
  • To have a sharp and clear images, drone camera quality with high resolution images and 4k video capacities needs to be considered.
  • Consider the stability of the drone in the air to have a good exposure.
  • Consider a drone with a high control range to have a wide angle of videos and photos of properties.
  • Safety features on the drone like return home when the battery is low or anti-collision system which are important for safe operation of the drone.

   Benefit of drone in real estate business

  • Drone gives a detailed view of the surrounding environment
  • Drone produces a convincing image and videos which attract potential buyer.
  • Difficult or inaccessible area can be capture with drone
  • With just a photo, drone gives an overview of the entire property
  • Show interesting details within the properties leaves the buyer to imagine themselves on the property.
  • Using drone saves money as compared to erecting temporary structure for taking of pictures or the use of helicopters.

                         Limitation of Drone for Real Estate

Drone technology coupled with internet is a tools for real estate photography which are used for property marketing but have some limitation to his operations:

  • Fly above 120 meter above the ground as regulated by CAA
  • Having properties surrounded with trees, poles and buildings.
  • Flying beyond line of sight
  • Using drone in a confined space or an interior.
  • Flying over crowded places or unauthorized place like security formation.