Drone Technology For Power Plant Inspection

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Drone technology has been an evolution for inspection of facilities in power sector. This was being used strictly by military before it was commercialized for solving real life situation like survey and mapping, recreation, agriculture, health, delivery, infrastructure inspection etc. The commercialization of drone has made different companies to develop affordable and easy to operate drone for civilian use. Inspection of power station have change over time since the advent of drone technology.

With the reduction of the cost of drones and its camera which are equip with various features that make it easy to make use of drone technology. Camera are now equipped with more than 4k resolution capacity. Various sensors and software program were developed for operating the drone, which make the drone take off and land, avoid obstacle, run to home point with centimeter precision.

Geospatial Research Limited, drone company in Nigeria was contacted by Omotoso Power Plant to carry out an inspection of cooling tower at their plant in Ondo State. An organization committed in using drone technology for inspection of facilities whereby improving safety, time and costs for our client.

Kayode Omolaye, the CEO of Geospatial Research Limited said leveraging on drone technology will provide a high-resolution image, improve operation safety, real time data for decision making. DJI Phantom 4 drone was used to assess the gas station, boiler and cooling towers. This was completed within a day providing a high-quality data and also reduce the cost of survey which they normally use crane for the operation and it will take a week. The crew member is kept on ground whereby improve safety operation. The cost of using a drone as compare to crane with several crew member has also reduced drastically.

Our client wants a clean energy for their inspection and the drone technology is carbon free energy to our client than any other sources and also provide a more environmental benefit. The opted for annual drone inspection for assess the condition of their equipment over time.

Geospatial Research Limited has used drones or leveraged on drone technology across Nigeria and beyond for inspection of powerline, gas line, telecom mast. It has partnered with African Goes Digital, SOWIT and Parrot Drone. The company is working with an European telecom company for the auditing of telecom mast using drone technology in Nigeria.